Giving you our expertise

| SINCE 2008 |

Giving you our expertise

| SINCE 2008 |


#We ❤️ bread


WE ❤️ BREAD because for several years we have been training students in CAP and BP bakery, adults, bakery teams, pastries and pâtisseries around the world.

BVP Expertise is a human size company. We specialize in audit, advice and also in formation apprentices and professionals in the bakery sector, pastries and pâtisseries in France and abroad.

Our team of experts supports you in developing your departments and perfecting your teams while responding to market constraints and trends..

Each case is unique, we are at your disposal to discuss your needs and to plan the necessary actions.

To know more about us, our vision and our services : scroll down the site !

“I like to feel the bread dough live.
Water temperature, air, hygrometry, production environment, the choice of flours are parameters of implementation that it is absolutely necessary to master in order to be able to make good bread.
You can have the best ingredients and still not succeed”

Our skills

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